Hiring Manager at Bloomberg LP:

To whom it concerns:

In my many years of hiring in the ‘financial services industry’ I have come across many ‘career consultants’, and been disappointed by many.

My experience in dealing with Susie Yager, interviewing and hiring candidates from her has been nothing but positive. She is polished, listens well to my needs and asks just the best questions to be prepared to complete the most thorough and targeted search to meet my needs.

I recommend her highly, and with the utmost confidence, a true professional that not only understands her role, but takes it very seriously! She has never wasted my time.


Relationship Manager:

What I appreciate about Susie Yager’s approach to recruiting is that she really listens to what type of job or career move one is looking for. I had a good job and was with a company for many years so I was not willing to just take any job. Susie is unique in understanding that finding the perfect fit for a candidate might take a while. Throughout my search, Susie remained in contact even when she didn’t have any job leads. When there were leads, I never felt any pressure from her if I decided not to pursue them. It is through Susie, that I am now in a new job that offers challenges and potential career advancement. It took a while but I would rather have found this job through Susie than any other recruiter. Working with Susie has been exceptional and I view her with the highest regards.


Hiring Manager at Bear Stearns – now at UBS:

I have worked with Susie over the course of more than 6 years. I have found her to have a deep bench of candidates and will aggressively find candidates to fill spots. Susie is consistently mindfull of her clients’ needs and will not recommend someone inappropriate for an opening. Susie’s candidates are also very well prepared for their interviews.


Job Candidate:

Good afternoon Susie,

I don’t know if you remember me but you helped me look for jobs. Well I just wanted to email you to thank you for all of your help and advice. I’ve been working at —– now for the past few months and am enjoying it. I just passed my series 6 and series 63 exams and have my life insurance one this coming Friday. Without your help however, I probably wouldn’t have stood out like I did. Your help with me fixing my resume, and tips about what and what not to say during an interview, and lastly, the email to send as a follow up thank you to the person interviewing me. I really appreciate that. I hope you have a great rest of the week.