The Importance of the Thank you note/Sample

I can never stress enough the importance of writing a Thank You note to an employer that you have interviewed with. Still today, some individuals don’t think it’s important. As in any part of life, a simple “Thank You” to someone who has done something nice for you can mean all the difference.

I have had clients on numerous occasions tell me that they were trying to decide between 2 candidates to extend a job offer to, and each time they selected the candidate who took the time (and a very small amount of energy) to send a simple “Thank You”.

A “Thank You” note tells an employer how you will treat their clients and your co-workers. It tells them that you care about a job well done and appreciate others.  It is also the perfect forum to remind the interviewer of who you are, and emphasize your strong interest in the position.

A “Thank You” note doesn’t need to be long, in fact it shouldn’t be more than maybe a couple of very short paragraphs (maybe 2 lines each). You first want to thank the interviewer for their time.  Second, you want to reiterate your interest in the position and the positive impact your skills will have on the organization.

Here is a sample “Thank You” note that a candidate recently wrote. It is succinct and to the point. I hope it helps you win that next great job!


Hi [Persons Name]:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. {Firm Name} is clearly an excellent firm, and the {name of position}position is the exact combination of focus and challenge that I am looking for at this stage of my career while utilizing and building on the skills I have developed working in {put your area of expertise in here}.

I am equally excited by the prospect of working for such a collegial and tight-knit group, as illustrated to me during the short time spent with you today. I strongly believe that, if given the opportunity to work for {Firm Name}, I will heighten both the productivity and efficiency of the entire group while contributing to the communal and friendly atmosphere of the {Firm Name} office.

Again, thank you for meeting with me today, and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you again and meet the rest of the team.


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